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4 Applications That Turn Out to Be Dangerous If Installed

 The first article discusses the series of damage that often appears on cellphones

A smartphone is made up of many parts, and if one of them is damaged, the effects can vary.

From the start, using a cellphone was uncomfortable until it couldn't be used at all, which then resulted in the user having to buy a new cellphone. Well, there is an organization called Green Smartphones that researches to find out what damage is most likely to cause a user to buy a new cell phone.

They tend to use google search results for destructive problems that HP users often complain about. The data collected is entirely related to iPhone, Samsung, and HP and is sourced from UK citizens

From this data, it is known that the most frequently reported problem that leads to the purchase of a new cellphone is a cellphone that is not paid for, namely. the battery is not charging, which is what 30% of users complain about. -ADVERTISEMENT-

A cellphone that can't charge can be caused by several things, ranging from trivial problems to serious ones. These minor issues include a dirty charging port (which can be cleaned with a compressed air spray) or a damaged cable and charger.

In second place is a broken touchscreen, which 10% of users complain about, which of course makes the phone difficult or even unusable. This issue is a plausible reason to replace your phone, as in most cases the touch screen is quite an expensive component, sometimes almost equivalent to buying a new phone.

The third reason is a non-working speaker. This also makes sense since users have to rely on the headset for simple things like making calls.

There are many other issues that many users complain about, such as:

• too hot (9%)

• Microphone not working (8%)

• used battery 7%

• Camera not working (7%)

• WiFi not working (7%)

• Bluetooth doesn't work (4%)

• Broken volume button (2%)

• Broken power button (2%)

• GPS not working (1%)

So what are the good reasons to buy a new cell phone according to detikers?

The second article talks about 4 "good" programs that turned out to be harmful. Act fast and get rid of them!

Don't be fooled by apps that look good. Because if we are not careful, important personal data can be stolen.

As quoted by detikInet on the Bgr warning, there is a new listing on the Google Play Store that contains four malicious programs. Even though it has been removed from the Google Play Store, the app may already be installed on your phone or mobile device.

Malwarebytes Labs analysts highlight rogue Android apps infected with hidden advertising trojans. These four apps have amassed a total of over one million downloads. Malwarebytes Labs analyst Nathan Collier notes that this developer has distributed malware on Google Play before.

Here is a list of dangerous apps that you should remove from your phone immediately:

• Automatic Bluetooth connection

• Bluetooth application sender

• Driver:

• Bluetooth, Wifi, USB

• Mobile transfers:

• smart switch

According to Malwarebytes, the above programs do not show any malicious activity within the first 72 hours after being downloaded. However, after that, it started opening phishing sites in Chrome.

Some websites are relatively harmless, but they aim to generate revenue by tricking users into clicking advertisements. But there is also a more dangerous side.

Websites try to trick users by telling them that their phone is infected or their device needs to be updated.

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