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7 features of Android cellphones that have existed since ancient times

 You need to know, 7 features of Android cellphones that have existed since ancient times

The Android operating system was first commercialized on September 23, 2008. The phones that use it may vary from year to year. However, the operating system created by Andy Rubin, Mich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White still has at least five features. something?

1. Android Market or Google Play Store

What will happen if your Android device doesn't have an app store? That's why the Android Market presents the first mobile phone with the HTC Dream operating system and T-Mobile G1.

Previously, the Android Market only had 13 applications when it first appeared. Until the end of 2008, the number of applications was still around 200.

Then in 2012, Google merged Android Market with Google Music and Google eBookstore. The merger also changed the name of the app store to Google Play Store, as quoted by detikINET from Android Authority.

2. Synchronization

On Android 1.0, the sync app works with Google Contacts, Gmail, and Google Calendar. When a user adds an agenda to the smartphone version of Google Calendar, it syncs to the web version of Google Calendar.

3. application organization

One of the differences between Android and iOS back then was. Android 1.0 can provide user flexibility to set the location of the application, while iOS is not.

Apart from that, there is also an option to sort them alphabetically or put them in folders according to their category. Some apps also have widgets that you can display on your phone's home screen.

4. SMS and MMS

Even before Android 1.0, this messaging service duo was well-known among mobile users. So don't be surprised if the operating system carries text messages and multimedia messages.

Interestingly, iOS is not as fast as Android when it comes to importing MMS messages to devices that use it. It wasn't until 2009, with the release of the iPhone 3GS, that Apple introduced this feature to its cell phones.

5. Notes

Android managed to introduce notifications that are different from the others. Since the release of Android 1.0, it offers a status bar and notification groups which can be viewed by swiping down from the top of the screen.

It will be interesting to see if Android maintains this feature in the future. Especially in text messages and multimedia messages that hit instant messaging providers like WhatsApp.

6. New user interface. Android 12 users get an interesting system where the accent color of the wallpaper gives the theme a brighter and more unified look. The new interface also gives users the freedom to customize Material You, as well as make changes to notifications and quick settings.

Also, widgets have been revamped in Android 12, and Google has made the app look big, rounded, and informative.

7. Better performance and efficiency. To please its users, Google says that everything should be smoother on Android 12. More specifically, Google claims to have reduced the CPU time required by core system services by up to 22 percent by using large cores on system servers by up to 15 percent. . This increases responsiveness in everyday use and extends battery life.

Additionally, Android 12 Beta includes features designed to ensure long-term battery health. When the phone is connected for a long time, it is limited to 80 percent. Overheated phones also have limited charging speed to control battery temperature.

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