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How to Charge Cellphone Properly


Non-original chargers that are not of good quality can be one of the causes of cell phones exploding, especially when combined with batteries that are not in good condition, or even not original.

But that doesn't mean that chargers that aren't made by HP manufacturers are bad. According to gadget observer Lucky Sebastian, many third-party cell phone chargers are worth using.

"The charger doesn't have to be original, as long as the charger isn't fake. There are lots of good chargers in online stores, such as Anker, Aukey, Baseus, Usa
ms, etc," Lucky explained when contacted by deficient.

However, he reminded me that, even if it is of good quality, the selection of the charger should also be adjusted to the capabilities of the default HP charger. Lucky provides some tips for choosing a quality charger for HP.

Here are tips on choosing a quality HP charger:

1. Buy an original charger at an official place

According to Lucky, because there are many imitations, if you want to buy an original charger, you should come to an official place. It can be an official service center or it can also be at the official shop for the brand that makes the cellphone.

"If you want an original charger (head and cable), what is certain is original, not imitation, the price is appropriate, buy it at the brand's official service center. The difference is that we will only get the charger, not in the box. Original goods that use box packaging, are usually sold at official brand stores, but the price is higher," he explained.

2. Third-party brands are rarely counterfeited

In contrast to original chargers, chargers made by third parties, according to Lucky, are rarely counterfeited. To choose it, make sure to buy it at the official store on the marketplace. But also adjust to the specifications of the default HP charger.

"The goods they sell are guaranteed. There are various brands, but you can see it from the number of units sold and the testimonials of buyers. You can choose according to the specifications with the original charger or one that is better than the original charger," explained the man from Bandung.

3. Is there a fast charging feature? Just use the original

Each HP manufacturer has its fast charging standard. For this case, Lucky recommends using only the original charger and cable so that it can run optimally.

For special features such as super-fast charging, the technology differs from each brand, I suggest that if this feature is needed for optimal performance, only buy the original one, including the cable, because the cable is also part of this feature. It's not that third-party brands can't run this feature, some are suitable, but sometimes you have to trial and error, or make sure there's a review.

4. Be careful with prices that are too cheap

Admittedly, the cheap price must be a very attractive thing. But you need to be careful if you find a charger with high specifications but the price is too cheap.

"Avoid brands or brands of chargers that sell at prices that are too skewed, other than when there is a warehouse clearance or special promos because on average, third-party chargers are quite close in price for the same wattage. For example, a 25w charger brand A costs IDR 100,000. , brand B maybe 125 thousand. But be careful with brand C which sells for IDR 30 thousand," concluded Lucky.

5. HP charging time

Mobile phone users need to know the rules for recharging the battery. You can recharge the battery from 30% to 90%. Try to unplug the HP case before it reaches 100%. Quoting techadvisor.com, charging a lithium-ion battery from 80 to 100pat destroys power. This causes the battery capacity to decrease rapidly.

6. Avoid charging HP in hot places

Avoid charging the battery in extremely hot or cold locations. Optimal battery performance is at room temperature of 20 to 30° C. If the room temperature is too hot or cold it may damage the battery capacity.

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