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How to Remove Junk That Slows Down The Smartphone


The average Android phone that has been used for more than one year experiences a decrease in performance. One of the visible symptoms is that the phone feels slow when running applications.

One reason is the RAM is full. The number of applications and data used fills the Android phone's storage space.

Of course, this sometimes really annoys HP users. Some people currently use cell phones not only for communication but also to help with work.

One solution is to buy the latest Android phone. In general, the newest phones have more storage space.

But of course, this is not an option for those with limited income and savings. There are still many who think that changing cell phones every year is a waste. Because of these conditions, the most feasible solution is to periodically clean the HP RAM. This method can keep the storage capacity low and provide a fast performance effect.

Quoted from deficient, here are some tips for cleaning Android HP memory.

• Check memory usage regularly

The first step that needs to be taken is to find out the available and used HP RAM storage capacity by clicking Android Settings > Storage.

Then the user can find out the amount of memory used by the application by clicking "Memory used by the application". • Remove unused applications

Users can consider removing programs that are using a lot of memory or are no longer being used by clicking Sort by maximum usage on the three buttons in the upper right corner. Users can also force the app to stop running to free up RAM on the Android phone.

• Select Deactivate application mode

Applications that are still needed at any time should not be uninstalled. You can disable or temporarily disable the application.

To do this, tap Settings > Applications to find out which apps can be paused, then select Disable. The application usually stops.

• Disable animations and transitions

Animations and transitions make your Android phone cooler, but these apps eat up a lot of RAM. If the phone is running slow, this app can be disabled or disabled by going to the developer options feature.

How to enter Settings> About phone and type the build number until it says Congratulations! You are now a developer.

Next, you can click on Settings > Developer and scroll until you find Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Tap on one of them and select Animation.

• Clear cache

Apps on Android phones are usually cached to make them easier to find when you open them and to save mobile data. To remove saved data from an app, click on that app, storage it, and clear the cache.

Meanwhile, you can clear data from all apps by clicking Settings, Clear Storage and Cache Data.

• Delete downloaded files

Android phones usually keep all downloaded files even though the user may not need them. If too many files are downloaded and saved, it could be that the HP RAM is full and affecting the operation of the cellphone.

Users are encouraged to immediately remove unnecessary downloaded files by going to "My Files" or "My Files" and selecting files to delete as they are not required for daily operations.

If the file is still needed, you can copy it to another storage media, e.g. B. flash drive or computer.

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