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Some Useful Applications to Be Installed On Mobile Phones


The first article called 5 new Android features, from collages to emoji kitchens

Google has released a lot of new features that will be coming to Android soon. What are they, and is it something interesting or not?

Google image collage

One of these new features is creating collages in Google Photos. So users no longer need to use third-party software such as PhotoGrid to create collages.

Easy to use. Dekkers just open Photos, press and hold two to six photos, then press the "Add" button at the bottom, and finally select "Collage".

The arrangement of these collages also varies, and some of them are the work of quite well-known artists. Examples include DABS MYLA and Yao Cheng Design.

• Kitchen emoji

There are also unique features like Emoji Kitchen where you can combine two emojis to create new, unique emojis. It's also easy to use, just type two emojis in the Google Messages message field. If there is a combination of two emojis in Emoji Kitchen, the combined result will appear. • Reading mode

Google built a feature for people with vision problems and dyslexia with Android Reading Mode. This feature allows users to adjust the screen display on Android phones and read out the displayed text.

Reading speed can be adjusted, including reading volume. The contrast, color, and font size of the displayed content can also be adjusted. To use this feature, you need to install the Reading Mode app from the Play Store. If the application used can support this application, a special icon will appear on the screen.

• YouTube widgets

This widget allows users to access their YouTube library, view a list of videos that are in the subscriptions section, or also view short videos. To activate it like other Android widgets, press and hold a space on the home screen, select the widget, then select the YouTube widget.

• Stream directly to Google TV

Users can stream live video from the Google TV app to the TV they are using with one touch. This feature is similar to Chromecast where you select a video on your phone, cast it, and watch it on your TV. • OS port

Not only Android is getting new features, but Wear OS is also getting some interesting new features. One of them is that you can use Google Assistant to activate an Adidas application that can track sports activities. As many as 30 species can be identified. For example, say "Hey Google, start running with Adidas Run" and the app will open and record your speed, distance, and heart rate on your smartwatch.

The second article is titled Android TV Apps Will Save Storage

Until now, Android Package Kit (APK) was the application format used by Android TV and Google TV, and now Google is demanding that the format be changed. Continue?

Josh Wentz, the product management team for Google TV, announced that in May 2023, Google TV and Android TV should use the App Bundle format, which is more efficient in terms of storage and performance.

Google is also giving developers six months to reformat their apps into app bundles to make them more lightweight. Even though Wentz said the process only took three days.

The main advantage of using the App Bundle format is 20% less storage, as the app uses only the resources it needs while saving the rest. According to Wentz, there are currently 10,000 apps available on Android TV, and he says the app's large size is causing many users to delete apps they don't use.

Because of this, he and his team encourage developers to change the application format used, quoted deficient from GSM Arena, Friday (25/11/2022).

This application package format is required from August 2021 for applications listed on the Play Store. Therefore, developers who register their program only in August 2021 will have to use apps.

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