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The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Has a Fantastic8.1 Mega Pixel Digital Camera With a erected- In Flash!

Sony Ericsson's new flagship entertainment phone has HD videotape recording, an8.1 mega pixel camera and FM radio. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is enough hot with its satiny design and3.2 inch TV touch display. The phone has a completely integrated social network mecca and a veritably nice multimedia centre to play with too, an 8 GB microSD card comes in the standard package and this can be upgraded with cards up to 32 GB.

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Has a Fantastic8.1 Mega Pixel Digital Camera With a erected- In Flash!

The device is has been designed for people who use there phones as movable entertainment bias; the touch screen is veritably responsive despite it being resistive, it comes in a number of colour variations including Venus red and Galaxy blue and the phone feels sturdy and well made. The nHD display is various and bright and manages to recreate over16.7 million colours without any interruptions. Sony Ericsson are utilising the Symbian S60 operating system which may be familiar to Nokia druggies, despite this the look and sense of the phones interface is veritably important Sony Ericsson, the home screen can be entirely customized to fit your requirements, apps for social networking and media can be surfaced for quick access. 

The Vivaz makes the utmost of its high speed Wi Fi connectivity and 3G network connection; it delivers a brilliant browsing experience with easy to use visage and drone controls which are represented by a set of magnifying spectacles, both YouTube and BBC iPlayer have there own lanes from the videotape player section; they're both veritably dependable, furnishing you have a Wi Fi connection vids load up snappily and playback looks great on the 169 screen. The Vivaz has a couple of social networking apps which allow you to handle your Facebook, Twitter, using the mobile point for Twitter proves easier to use than the home screen roadway however. 

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz has a fantastic8.1 mega pixel digital camera with a erected- in flash which acts as a scene light in the HD videotape archivist mode, a useful 4x digital drone, bus focus and a touch focus point will allow you to perfect your image capturing and the face and smile discovery features make the whole photography experience indeed easier. All of your vids ca be participated with your musketeers via your social network accounts and with the YouTube integration you can upload your vids for the world too see. The gallery allows you to swipe your way through your snaps snappily and efficiently, the touch defenses receptiveness is relatively surprising. 

Sony Ericsson havepre-installed a brilliant music player into the Vivaz, its interface is simple yet functional and it organises your songs into orders like Genre and Artist. The sound is clear and veritably bass-full through both the speakers and headphones, the3.5 mm jack means you can use your own headphones for particular listening and the microSD niche can handle up to 32 GB so you can store all of your music, vids, flicks and prints onto your device. Bluetooth technology allows you to partake your content with others and the USB connection enables you to synch the Vivaz to your PC. 

With an Entertainment core and great services for web surfing and social networking the Sony Ericsson Vivaz will appeal to the millions, this tidy Smartphone package delivers plenitude of features and storehouse, it'se-mail and IM comity means the messaging crowd should be satisfied and the range of colours available and nicely low price label makes it veritably accessible.

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