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Xiaomi Tws Release


After officially unveiling the flagship phone. Xiaomi also launched several other recent devices. Two of them are the Xiaomi Buds 4 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and the Xiaomi Watch S2 smartwatch. The TWS Xiaomi Buds 4 presented is the “normal” model of the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro which was launched in China last August.

The TWS is designed as a semi-in-ear model with silicone-free ear tips. The Xiaomi Buds 4 have a short stem similar to the AirPods Pro. The foyer serves as the control area. Xiaomi Buds 4 have an IPX54 certificate in their pocket, they are resistant to splashes of water. This TWS also has Active Noise Canceling (ANC) which can reduce noise from the surrounding environment. Xiaomi Buds 4 also features 360 degree surround sound. Thanks to this function, the sound emitted by TWS can surround your head like the sound of a cinema. With the LHDC 5.0 audio codec, the Xiaomi Buds 4 should be able to produce a CD-like sound. This TWS has three built-in microphones for clearer voice calls.

The Xiaomi Buds 4 charging case has a round shape. The battery capacity in this case is 480mAh, while the battery capacity of both headphones is 30mAh. The battery can be charged via the existing USB-C port. The Xiaomi Buds 4 battery is said to last up to six hours, or 30 hours when filled with the case. The use of these headphones can also be combined with two devices at once. The dimensions of the Xiaomi Buds 4 case are 18.62 mm (width) x 30.68 mm (height) x 19.70 mm (thickness) and weighs 4.4 grams. Meanwhile, the charging case measures 50.90 mm (width) x 58.09 mm (height) x 26.98 in. mm (thickness) and weighs 37.65 grams. After discussing Xiaomi's latest TWS specifications, check below also the specifications for the Samsung Watch S2 smart watch made by KompasTekno from Giz China.

Xiaomi Buds 4 is available in three color options, namely Moon Shadow (Black), Salt Lake White (White) and Field Green (Green). The price is 699 renminbi or equivalent to IDR 1.56 million.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 smart watch comes in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm. Due to the different dimensions, the screen sizes of the two are also different, namely 1.32 inches and 1.43 inches. However, both models share an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 460 x 460 pixels and are equipped with a sapphire crystal. Xiaomi Watch S2 is water resistant up to 5 meters. The health promotion function consists of a heart rate sensor and a blood oxygen saturation meter with an SpO2 sensor. Interestingly, the Xiaomi Watch S2 has a body composition measurement function. Users can measure body fat percentage, muscle mass, and protein intake in the body. To measure body composition, users only need to place two fingers on the side button. Other features include sleep quality and stress trackers, menstrual cycles for women, breathing exercises that support over 100 sports. For additional security, users can make emergency calls or ask for help from certain contacts that have been selected and entered into the smartwatch.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows users to make voice calls via Bluetooth. Other features supported include GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 5.2. The battery capacity of the 46mm version is 500mAh and is said to last for 12 days, while the 42mm version comes with a 305mAh battery which should last for 7 days.

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