Buying a DeSol Power Tiles

Solar Roof

Before you can decide if a certified DeSol Power Roof is the right roof for you, you’ll want to determine your cost and payback.

First, determine the subsides in your state. Go to, a government website that details the solar subsidies per state, and open the file for your state.

Also note the return on investment when buying a solar roof. To begin with, the federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 30% of your installation cost. On top of this, every state has an additional incentive, which can be as high as 25%, depending on the state. Call your bookkeeper or our office for assistance. In certain states, we have a CPA who can help.

Here is an example of how to calculate the cost of a DeSol solar roof.

In this instance, we used an average American home of 2,300 square feet that would annually consume 5,000 watts. We also included an average subsidy of 40% and the DeSol 30-year guarantee.


After understanding the costs and payback, here is your next step.

Please send us the address where the roof will be installed.  We will use “IRoofing” or “EagleView” software to analyze your roof and determine a price quotation. We will even analyze the sun direction and the roof shape before making a proposal. Shade is the enemy of solar roofs!

We will concentrate on the solar section only and cover the entire area where solar tiles are installed. If you wish to cover the entire roof with blind—or non-solar—tiles, this can be done at an additional cost.

Want to know more?

DeSol tiles can be cut in different sizes to fit your roof’s own shape. They are Hurricane 5 wind resistant and waterproof.


Certain states allow the installation of DeSol Power Tiles directly on top of existing shingle roofs. The roof structure of a shingle roof is strong enough to hold the weight of a DeSol Power Roof.

At DeSol Power Tiles, we work with local electricians and roofers. Our roofs are UL-certified and accepted by all states regulations. We work with local electrical companies to certify the installations, too.

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