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Look up ... for your best source of clean energy.

Following decades of experimentation and development, solar energy is finally emerging as a viable alternative to traditional, grid-based power. But investing in a solar energy system is a big decision with many factors to consider. And it’s not easy following the latest technology advances or local tax considerations.

DeSol Power Tiles, LLC makes it easier than ever to upgrade home efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your property value. Whether your motivations are environmental or financial, we can partner with you and help you forecast your savings, plan your project, and gain independence from utilities and providers.

With our proven and patented technology, DeSol Power Tiles offers high quality products, and extensive support for buyers, roofers, and contractors. Our unique solar panel tiles, manufactured in the US, carry a 30-year performance guarantee—and they look great, too, whether they’re installed right over top of your existing roof, or on a new build.

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“Before my wife and I decided to install DeSol Power Tiles on our barn roof, we did a great deal of research. We wanted something that could power our farm, look great, be low maintenance and, of course, reduce our carbon footprint. The 450 square feet of tile we installed on our barn roof represents about half the energy needed for the entire farm. When you consider that we’ve cut our energy bill in half, and that these tiles are guaranteed for 30 years, the decision to install them was a no-brainer.”

Dave Smalley of Talking Rock, GA

Business Development Manager, Sustainable Solutions of North Georgia

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Note to installers: Need more help? For roofing partners, DeSol Power Tiles will send an assistant at no additional cost to help you install your first roof.